Future Stars 2023-2024

This is an instructional basketball program for

boys and girls grades K-4th


Sundays starting Nov 19, 2023 through Sunday, Feb 11, 2024.  

(No classes Sun Dec 24 and Dec 31)

5:30-7:00 pm


The primary focus of this program is to teach the fundamentals of basketball in a logical, sequential and technically accurate manner.


Program Highlights

90 minute practice each week on Sundays 6:00 to 7:30 pm Nov 19, 2023 to Feb 18, 2024  (excluding Dec 24 and Dec 31).  

Kids will be divided into ability groups (not age groups). These groups may change as kids demonstrate proficiency at the various levels.

The final stage and end goal is for each player to be proficient in all their individual and small group skills and be able to play full court games.

The emphasis during the games will be on instruction and learning—not on winning.  By de-emphasizing the score and playing in-house games (rather than pitting one organization against another), we can focus more on teaching, training and instructing.


Building To Success

November will be devoted to individual skills such as ball handling, shooting, rebounding and 1 on 1 man-to- man defense. We will also cover basic rules of the game like, traveling, double dribble, personal fouls, 3 seconds etc.  


December will be 2 on 2 month. We’ll teach passing, pick and rolls, give and go’s, some basic offensive rotations, help defense, and off-ball rebounding


January is 3 v 3 time.  Besides continuing to work on the all-important 2 man aspects of the game, the focus this month will be away screens, down screens, offensive rotations and help defense. 


February is full court game time. Training will include transition offense and defense, backcourt rules, pressing, etc. Everyone will receive instruction in game management (substitution procedures, jump balls, lining up for foul shots, etc). Our goal is that everyone is trained to a point that they will be ready to play.


The last 2 Sunday sessions in February will feature formal games complete with refs, fans and scoreboards.  These games will be the pinnacle of our program.




The registration fee is $245 for twelve 90 min sessions (less than $14/hour). $25 sibling discount for each sibling. 

Registration is limited to only 40 players. We expect it to fill up fast.