3 v 3 Tournament

Good Friday

April 7, 2023

9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Portion of Proceeds donated to the

*Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund

COL John M. McHugh was a West Point classmate of mine who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010

For more of his story click: Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund


Age Brackets by grades:

  • 3/4th grade
  • 5/6th grade
  • 7/8th grade
  • 9/10th grade (girls brackets are generally 9-12th grades)
  • 11/12th grade (girls brackets are generally 9-12th grades)


  • Registration Fees: $90/team.
  • ADMISSION FEES: $5 adult; $1 Students & 65 or older
  • Must Pre-register: Deadline is 8:00 pm Monday, Apr 3, 2023


  • $70 for teams with with at least 2 current ITZ AAU players (Spring AAU season)


To register, send email to sturpening@aol.com with team name, age bracket, coach/manager contact info.

´╗┐To complete registration, you can make payment at Venmo @Steve-TURPENING, PayPal @sturpening@aol.com, mail in a check to In the Zone, 6870 Chrisphalt Drive, Bath 18014, or stop by with cash/check/cc. 

The 3 on 3 Game: Fundamentally Driven

In The Zone typically runs a half dozen one-day 3v3 Tournaments each year and two 3v3 leagues. Games are half court, fast paced, and fundamentally focused!

Why Play 3 v 3?

  • USA Basketball, FIBA and AAU have recognized 3v3 as “a great way for coaches and players to evaluate and improve on individual skill development.” (usab.com) and have developed 3v3 leagues, tournaments, national and world championships.
  • 3 v 3 is Recognized by the international basketball community and is now an Official Olympic Sport!

3 v 3 Compared to 5 v 5 (or 4 v 4)

  • 3v3 focuses on the pure fundamentals of the game: pick and rolls, give and goes, back door cuts, hand off’s, away screens, etc.
  • Fewer players on the court means more touches per player. Everyone is involved in the game—everyone gets better!
  • No transition game. No fast breaks, no coast to coast baskets, no cherry picking—nothing but fundamental half-court offense. (compare to 4v4 where there are a lot of full court break-away lay-ups and cherry picking).
  • No pressing, gimmick defenses or junk traps. 3v3 stresses fundamental man to man defense.
  • Easier to get 3 kids for a game than 4 or 5. 
  • Fast paced, high scoring and exciting. In a 20 minute game, teams routinely score in the high 30’s (that’s 70+ points in full game). High school teams score 50-70 points in 20 min—that’s triple digits in a regular length game!!
  • It’s a more relaxed, fun atmosphere and consequently more enjoyable.
  • It’s not just another league—it’s something different.
  • The only time people play 4v4 is when they don’t have enough players for 5v5.